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Vibration Pad

Suitable for
Dynapac OE Reference Number: 4812111046, 4812119342, 4812113258, 4812128927
BCE Number: 210-124

Weight: 5.158 KG
Dimensions: 20.8 × 17.8 × 8.7 CM

Vehicle Type: Compactor
Compatible Models: CA1800D, CA2500, CA2500D, CA2500PD, CA2800D, CA2800PD, CA3500D, CA3500PD, CA3600D, CA3600PD, CA4000, CA4000D, CA4000PD, CA4600, CA4600D, CA5000, CA5000D, CA5500PD, CA6000, CA6000D, CA6000PD, CA6500


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