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Rubber Damper

Suitable for
Volvo OE Reference Number: RM 13304787, VOE 12837335, VOE 12809850, RM13304787, VOE12837335, VOE12809850
BCE Number: 30-195

Weight: 3.845 KG
Dimensions: 16.6 × 23.4 × 13.4 CM

Vehicle Type: Compactor
Compatible Models: DD138HA Volvo, DD140 Volvo, DD138HFA Volvo, DD118HFA Volvo, DD132HF Volvo, DD118HF Volvo, DD118HA Volvo, DD112HF Volvo, DD120 Volvo, DD138HF Volvo, SD70D Volvo, SD160DX Volvo, SD115 Volvo, SD200DX Volvo, SD130 Volvo, SD130D Volvo, SD45D Volvo, SD130F Volvo, SD77DX Volvo, SD45B Volvo, SD135 Volvo, SD70 Volvo, SD116F Volvo, SD130DX Volvo, SD105F Volvo, SD116DX Volvo, SD200 Volvo, SD45F Volvo, SD160 Volvo, SD100F C Volvo, SD190 Volvo, SD122 Volvo, SD45 Volvo, SD105 Volvo, SD77F Volvo, SD100D C Volvo, SD115D Volvo, SD70F Volvo, SD100D Volvo, SD110 Volvo, SD110C Volvo, SD100C Volvo, SD110B A Volvo, SD75 Volvo, SD115F Volvo, SD190DX Volvo

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