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Sun Gear

Suitable for
Volvo OE Reference Number: VOE11102296, VOE11103090, VOE4717028, VOE 11102296, VOE 11103090, VOE 4717028
BCE Number: 30-229

Weight: 1.728 KG
Dimensions: 10 × 10 × 5.6 CM

Vehicle Type: 4300, 4400, 4500, 5350, 5350B, 5350B 4X4, 5350B 6X4, 860, 861, A20, A20 6X4, A20C, A25, A25 4X4, A25 6X4, A25B, A25B 4X4, A25C, A25C 4X4, A25D, A25D 4×4, A25E, A25E 4×4, A25F, A25G, L120, L120B, L90, L90 CO
Compatible Models: Articulated Truck, Wheel Loaders

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